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Every child has the potential to be well, do well and contribute well

We believe that when we build on strengths, develop skills to manage tricky emotions  and connect with others with purpose, young people can collectively change their lives and shape their world.

Our programs  build  social-emotional skills needed to help young people 5yr-12yr discover the best version of themselves.

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Specifically developed to build more peaceful, productive K-5 classroom communities. Online & Educator-led Social Emotional Learning & Wellbeing for Schools 

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Youth, teachers & parents working with us and being impacted through our books and programs
"Kim has been a huge support for our elementary school staff. From coaching and counseling staff during the pandemic, to teaching our families about what it means to have healthy children, academically, socially, and emotionally, Kim has found her niche in supporting schools. I could not be more grateful for her time and energy. Our families and staff love hearing from her."
Jay Bland | Principal, Morris Brandon Elementary School
"I enjoyed the fact that the program is dedicated to helping students get in touch with their feelings. And, it's never too early to have students start working on their dreams and goals."
Third Grade Teacher | Atlanta, GA
"It was impactful having time dedicated to work on me, stepping out of my comfort zone, and being able to show my true self and be vulnerable."
Fourth Grade Teacher | Atlanta, GA
"Freeing Freddie inspires me daily to keep dreaming.
My choices now reflect my hopes not my fears."
Student | 8th Grade
"I learned that it’s ok to forgive and it’s ok to dream high and want more."
Student | 5th Grade
"Freeing Freddie helped me let out my feelings and be calm."
Student | 3rd Grade
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Discover Freddie’s world with our interactive, online program for kids to complete independently at home.

Providing families with the opportunity to connect, while developing social emotional skills together.

Discover Freddie's Magical World

Explore our range of best-selling social emotional learning and personal development books for children, educators, and adults by Brent Feinberg and Kim Normand Dobrin. Now in English and Spanish!

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Free the Mind Co’s fantastic work has been featured in many thought-leading publications and media channels from around the globe.

“The most powerful aspect of a human being is our emotion, it is wise to learn how to get it to work for us.”


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1 社交情緒學習”(Social Emotional Learning,簡稱SEL)是一種教育過程,旨在幫助孩子和成人開發和使用一種關於自我理解、與他人建立良好關係以及做出負責任決定的技巧。它涉及到了解和管理我們的情緒、培養同理心、建立和維護積極的人際關係,以及負責任地做出決定。

2 執行功能 (executive functioning) 是指一種高層次思考的認知過程,包括規劃、組織、注意力、記憶、問題解決等能力。

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Access our FREE visualizations & webinars

Instantly access our free videos designed to assist you in bringing about greater levels of energy, joy and inner peace.