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Authenticity & Inspiration

Free the Mind Co is “out of the box”. We have navigated life and society that expects specific outcomes, to find a place where we belong. We tested, learnt, had adventures, and bumped our heads along the way… we found, discovered and grew an internal compass with skills and tools that bring meaning, joy and success to our lives.

We discovered our own way and are grateful to share it with thousands of others who changed their own lives using the skills and tools that we have tested and still use successfully today.

Meet our Team

Kim Normand Dobrin


I did it because I had to! Through self parenting as a child through many childhood challenges and trauma I knew in order to have a life that had meaning and fulfilment I needed to recreate the wheel.

So through trial and error I learnt who I am and what I wanted. As a single mother, I wanted to give and be more for my children. And so I committed myself to self discovery and to make a positive impact in the world. And I am still doing it … blessed to be a part of changing thousands of lives across the globe.

My bio is testament to my journey… and whats done is done … its all about doing and being more from here onwards …

Kim Normand Dobrin has had a successful international career for over 30 years.


  • Ran largest oral history project in South Africa and Zimbabwe for 18 years.
  • Founding Director of the Apartheid Museum – Johannesburg South Africa.
  • Human Rights Commission for Education – Board Member.
  • Founder/CEO – Tolerance Foundation.
  • Founder – Tomorrow Trust until 2019

Ashoka Fellow and has studied at Harvard Kennedy School of International Studies.

Author of 3 best sellers in South Africa – Tomorrow; Raising Wisdom; A Mother’s Legacy.

Kim is co-author of an inspiring book range – “Freeing Freddie the Dream Weaver” & “Revealing Freddie the Light Within.”

Kim is known for her passion and commitment to children, education, Social Emotional Learning and teaching for both adults and youth. She has a strong belief in accessing and developing potential.

Kim is a sought-after speaker, workshop facilitator and coach

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Brent Feinberg

Co-Founder/Creative Director

I was an unsettled child, that had a lot of anger which made it difficult to focus at school! I always felt different to the norm. I wanted a life of purpose, discovery and positive impact. I realised how to get there by developing my Inner Self and learning the skills and tools to let go of anger, overcome fears and create a peaceful and joyful mind. Togther with the Free The Mind co. team I have distilled these life lesson in a way that children can easily access to enhance their minds and emotions.

Being involved, with my mother’s organisation The Tomorrow Trust that assisted, AIDS orphans and others under-privileged youth, I was inspired to make sure I supported other’s journeys making them easier, happier and more loving. I have always wanted to uplift the world, creating more joy through my work. I am committed to my own daily growth and self discovery.

Here are some ways I have created this … Certified Body Talk Practitioner 

Qualified Yoga Teacher  –  Author

By practicing Transcendental Meditation and advanced techniques of Transcendental Meditation daily as well as Isha Kriya Yoga and through the many years of experience and studying, I have developed a great understanding of consciousness and wellbeing. I have an understanding of many cultures through immersion by living and traveling in many different countries which has enriched my life on so many levels!

By developing expertise in consciousness and wellbeing, I am able to give people skills to have a joyful mind and loving emotions which are proven to enhance physical health and relationships. 

By taking life experience and learnt knowledge to create workshops and courses that help children develop skills and themselves to have a positive educational journey and a foundation for a beautiful life. 

I was raised with the messages from Nelson Mandela who I spent time with as well as others such as Steve Biko’s son – Nkosinathi Biko and Deepak Chopra. 

I give of myself so that others can live a life that they love and create a world where all individuals share an experience based on justice, love, self-awareness and greater consciousness. 

I enjoy leading meditation sessions, live book readings and doing interviews on my books and views of how to live life with a deeper sense of well being.

Brent is a sought after international speaker. 

“Freeing Freddie – the Dream Weaver” is Brent’s first set of books endorsed by Deepak Chopra and that have now sold thousands of copies. Published by Square One Publishers a New York based publishing house.

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Nancy A. Green

Chief Experience Officer

Like so many people, I fell into my career. With a bit of divine intervention and the influence of a woman who became my life-long mentor, I began my career in the Management Development and Training Department at Goldman, Sachs & Co.

The more I learned about how to help organizations set their employees up for success, the more committed I became to this work that improves people’s lives. With the right development, employees can expand and deepen their expertise, align their passions with what organizations need, earn more money, and better support their families.

After earning my MBA from Emory’s Goizueta Business School, I became a partner in a consulting firm working with Fortune 500 organizations across all industries and around the world.

Becoming a parent in 2005 gave me a front-row seat to the public school system and the changing needs of our new generations. The technological revolution leaves them with the entire world at their fingertips, but far fewer social and emotional skills to navigate it.

Joining the Free the Mind Co team feels like coming home. I am inspired, challenged and so honored to work with Kim and Brent. I love combining my instructional design expertise with real-world parenting experiences to bring these heart-warming and powerful stories, skills and tools to children all over the world.

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Laura Eubanks

K-2 Teacher

Laura comes from a long line of teachers- her mother, aunts, uncles, and even a few cousins are all educators. When she was given the opportunity to teach in China, after completing her undergraduate degree, she had to say yes. This is where Laura fell in love with the profession. Coming home from teaching abroad, Laura earned a Masters in the Art of Teaching from the University of Georgia and went on to teach in New Zealand and just outside of Atlanta, GA. She has taught in multiple grade levels and really enjoys being a small part of each student’s educational journey.

Laura is excited to be a part of Freddie’s adventure and looks forward to the impact these skills will have on students everywhere!

Mark Sparvell

SEL and Education Marketing Consultant

Mark has been working in the education space for over three decades and he has found one thing is clear from his experience working with children, families and educators… learning is a social process and accordingly, emotions are fundamental and not ornamental to how we navigate ourselves and the social world around us.

Mark spent many years in teacher, deputy and principal roles in large and small, urban and rural settings before taking on larger roles as regional-wide leadership positions. He designed and taught course materials in universities for pre-service teachers for a number of years before taking on a role with a professional association which designed and delivered capacity building for leadership across Australia and SE Asia. Along the way Mark received awards for leadership and teaching… culminating in the Microsoft Global Innovation Award for Collaboration and not long after, a role in Microsoft designing and implementing a global school leader audience strategy.

As a parent and grandparent, his driver is to ensure that, through his work, we are all reminded of the power of schools. Schools are places where society is created and re-created and we collectively need to support educators, students and families with high quality programs which nurture kindness, empathy and spark creativity and curiosity

Supporting the Free the Mind Co team fills Mark with optimism and the hope that we can make a difference and shape a preferred future for all.

Experience, talent and insight

Free the Mind Co’s fantastic work has been featured in many thought-leading publications and media channels from around the globe.

“Everything you need to learn and achieve is all already within you.”


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1 意識基礎健康照護(consciousness-based healthcare)是一種健康照護的方法,強調身心靈的整合和平衡。這種方法認為人們的意識狀態和心理狀態對身體的健康和康復具有重要影響。它關注個體的意識、情感和心理狀態,並探索如何通過正面的思想、情感表達和心理調整來促進健康和康復。這種方法通常與傳統的醫療治療方法結合使用,旨在提供一個更全面和整全的治療和康復過程。

2 更高意識(greater consciousness)指的是超越個人常態意識的一種更深刻、更廣闊的覺知狀態。這種意識超越了個人的限制,將注意力擴展到更大的層面,包括社會、人類整體和宇宙的層面。這種意識可以與更大的智慧和靈性相關聯,使個人能夠體驗到更深層次的連結、共通性和整體性。在這種更高的意識狀態中,人們可能更關注共同利益、全球意識和綜觀全局,並以更大的視野和更深刻的洞察力來思考和行動。

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Instantly access our free videos designed to assist you in bringing about greater levels of energy, joy and inner peace.