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As a parent, you are your child’s first teacher. This program provides the structure and evidence-based content to ensure we keep learning and growing together! The dynamic, engaging world of Freeing Freddie: the Dream Weaver supports families to:

Meet the Creators

This mother-son duo knows all about growing and learning as a family. The co-founders of Free the Mind Co, Kim Normand Dobrin and Brent Feinberg, are sought after international speakers and educators on Social Emotional Learning & Wellbeing for children, educators and families. The skills and tools they help build are based on real lived experience and proven practices.

Together, they created this wonderful program that brings some of life’s most valuable lessons to families in ways that deepen bonds and strengthen relationships. 

“We know that teaching emotional intelligence at an earlier age lays the foundation for managing emotions, self-regulation, empathy, improved relationships, and a better self-concept, among other benefits.

Why wouldn't we want to provide this type of curriculum for our children? Freeing Freddie offers a hands-on, interactive, beautifully engaging experience for kids to learn and grasp important concepts such as understanding how our thoughts and feelings influence our behaviors and empowers kids in knowing that they have a choice in how they respond. Freeing Freddie is a welcoming way to start these important conversations."
Robin Shipley MA
Behavior Consultant | Psychologist

Four easy steps to build skills that will serve you and your family for life:

Adults spend 10  minutes preparing for a ‘Family Time’ session. 

‘Family Time’ sessions (15-20 min) include video clips, playing games and sharing ideas.

Adults, children and teens complete age-specific engaging and insightful activities.

Families come together to share experiences, insights and learning.

Extend the Experience

Let the adventure continue into shared storytime with books and activities.

Experience, talent and insight

Free the Mind Co’s fantastic work has been featured in many thought-leading publications and media channels from around the globe.

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