SEL at school is paramount to the development of children.

“Just grateful that there is a program that encourages students and teachers to explore the complexities of being a human in the world DURING the school day. I believe that having something that places importance on SEL at school is paramount to the development of children.”

I love Freddie

Freeing Freddie inspires me daily to keep dreaming. My choices now reflect my hopes not my fears.

I am inspired

Using this program, I am now fully aware of how important my dreams are and how important it is to me to make them come true. It wont always be easy. No matter how hard it gets I just have to keep going strong because that’s when obstacles get us to be motivated.

I would definitely recommend this!

It reminds us all to be compassionate/to remind us that we are all humans and that we should respect the different struggles that we might go through.

A powerful program

This is a powerful program that affected my perspective of myself and how I can bring this positive affect to my children.

We got our happy little boy back!

Our 8 year old son has struggled to make friends at his new school and his grades were suffering. This program has made an incredible impact on him and his home and school live have both improved dramatically.

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