What is SEL Day?

SEL stands for Social Emotional Learning and #SELday was created in response to the overwhelming support and demand for SEL to support children in school and at home.

The theme of #SELday this year is Uplifting Hearts, Connecting Minds, and that’s what we hope to do by sharing the story of ‘Freeing Freddie the Dreamweaver’.

The magical story of Freeing Freddie helps children:

“We know that teaching emotional intelligence at an earlier age lays the foundation for managing emotions, self-regulation, empathy, improved relationships, and a better self-concept, among other benefits.

Why wouldn't we want to provide this type of curriculum for our children? Freeing Freddie offers a hands-on, interactive, beautifully engaging experience for kids to learn and grasp important concepts such as understanding how our thoughts and feelings influence our behaviors and empowers kids in knowing that they have a choice in how they respond. Freeing Freddie is a welcoming way to start these important conversations."
Robin Shipley MA
Behavior Consultant | Psychologist

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At Free The Mind Co, it’s our mission to to bring awareness to Social Emotional Learning and to help support those who need it most in these uncertain times.

Youth, teachers & parents working with us and being impacted through our books and programs
"I enjoyed the fact that the program is dedicated to helping students get in touch with their feelings. And, it's never too early to have students start working on their dreams and goals."
Third Grade Teacher | Atlanta, GA
"It was impactful having time dedicated to work on me, stepping out of my comfort zone, and being able to show my true self and be vulnerable."
Fourth Grade Teacher | Atlanta, GA
"Freeing Freddie inspires me daily to keep dreaming.
My choices now reflect my hopes not my fears."
Student | 8th Grade
"I learned that it’s ok to forgive and it’s ok to dream high and want more."
Student | 5th Grade
"Freeing Freddie helped me let out my feelings and be calm."
Student | 3rd Grade
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Discover Freddie’s world with our interactive, online program for kids to complete independently at-home.

Providing families with the opportunity to connect, while developing social emotional skills together.

Discover Freddie's Magical World

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Experience, talent and insight

Kim and Brent’s fantastic work has been featured in many thought-leading publications and media channels from around the globe.

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This SEL Day, watch a free 12 minute video of Author, Brent Feinberg reading Freeing ‘Freddie the Dreamweaver’, with your child or students!