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  • We offer a 7 day cancellation/refund policy for our flagship program, ‘Freeing Freddie the Dream Weaver’.
  • To cancel your child/ren’s membership, you must send an email to info@freethemindco.com within 7 days of completing your registration. Requests after 7 days may be refused.
  • You must include your full name, email address, the full name of each child whose membership your would like to cancel as well as the Order Number found on the Registration Confirmation
    & Customer Receipt email you were sent immediately after registration (you can also find the order number under Past Invoices by logging into your account here)
  • In addition, we also kindly ask that you provide a reason for the cancellation to help us learn and improve the program.
  • Customers who have chosen our ‘Pay in Full’ payment option will receive a full refund within 7 days of receipt of their cancellation request, processed to the same credit card they used during the checkout. Access to the program will be suspended immediately upon issuing the refund.
  • Customers who have chosen our ‘Pay in 4 (Monthly)’ payment option will have their upcoming debits (3) cancelled. The initial payment at the time of registration is non-refundable. Access to the program will be suspended 30 days from the date of the first payment.

Click here to read the full ‘Freeing Freddie the Dreamweaver’ Terms & Conditions