Give a child the Gift of greater possibilities!

Freddie makes learning fun!

We all experience all emotions, and all emotions are completely normal! Freddie and his wise animal friends make learning about emotions, empathy, gratitude, and forgiveness so much fun. Together they navigate adventures that release their fears and embrace their dreams.

Give a 5-12 year old child a Gift to last a lifetime:

Give the gift of Social Emotional Wellness and Learning!

Our dynamic online program uses the magical story of Freeing Freddie to help children:

“We know that teaching emotional intelligence at an earlier age lays the foundation for managing emotions, self-regulation, empathy, improved relationships, and a better self-concept, among other benefits.

Why wouldn't we want to provide this type of curriculum for our children? Freeing Freddie offers a hands-on, interactive, beautifully engaging experience for kids to learn and grasp important concepts such as understanding how our thoughts and feelings influence our behaviors and empowers kids in knowing that they have a choice in how they respond. Freeing Freddie is a welcoming way to start these important conversations."
Robin Shipley MA
Behavior Consultant | Psychologist

Activities, projects, visualizations, and exploration that provide immediate feedback

12 interactive, engaging, fun adventures

Easy access from any computer or mobile device

Modeling, quizzes and reflections to ensure understanding

14 interactive, engaging, fun adventures

Modeling, quizzes and reflections to ensure understanding

Easy access from any computer or mobile device

A gift for a child, or for the whole family!

Self-directed by children, giving care-givers a valuable break

In partnership with siblings or a caregiver, to support younger children

As a family, to extend the learning and apply it to the whole family’s experience

We got our happy little boy back!

Our 8 year old son has struggled to make friends at his new school and his grades were suffering. This program has made an incredible impact on him and his home and school live have both improved dramatically.

Jan & Alex H
| Houston, Texas
A powerful program

This is a powerful program that affected my perspective of myself and how I can bring this positive affect to my children.

AIS Teacher
Overcome fears and realize dreams

I would highly recommend Freeing Freddie program to all those who hope to overcome fears and realize their dreams.”

Bruno Broll-Barone Ph.D
| Clinical Psychologist
I would definitely recommend this!

It reminds us all to be compassionate/to remind us that we are all humans and that we should respect the different struggles that we might go through.

AIS Teacher
I am inspired

Using this program, I am now fully aware of how important my dreams are and how important it is to me to make them come true. It wont always be easy. No matter how hard it gets I just have to keep going strong because that’s when obstacles get us to be motivated.

Bontle Nyakale
| Student
I love Freddie

Freeing Freddie inspires me daily to keep dreaming. My choices now reflect my hopes not my fears.

Mandi Banele
| Student
SEL at school is paramount to the development of children.

“Just grateful that there is a program that encourages students and teachers to explore the complexities of being a human in the world DURING the school day. I believe that having something that places importance on SEL at school is paramount to the development of children.”

4th Grade Teacher
| Atlanta, GA

A truly special gift that keeps giving

The chance to have fun with ‘Freeing Freddie 
the Dream Weaver’ Online and in Books!

Experience, talent and insight

Kim and Brent’s fantastic work has been featured in many thought-leading publications and media channels from around the globe.

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