Womens Deep Discovery Program

In a changing dynamic world your internal tools and skills are now a priority. Free the Mind Co offer effective workshops for companies, teams and individuals 

"Kim's presentation during our staff retreat was the perfect way to begin our new fiscal year and realign ourselves as a team. Recognizing the inherent shift and secondary effects of the pandemic, we wanted to be intentional in "hitting the reset button" and this workshop allowed the perfect space for all to share and receive in a safe environment."
Jennifer Swain

Our Approach

The one constant in our world is change and yet so many of us don’t have the skills and tools to manage stress, fears and anxiety that comes with this. Free the Mind Co helps companies to align the personal values and vision of their staff to the company’s vision and the core values it serves for a more positive and productive work environment.

Our workshops get individuals to pinpoint and release the fears and self-imposed limitations that are holding them back – and provide tools, and knowledge to overcome them and enhance focus on how to be more productive to achieve goals and build their dreams.



What We Do Works

Free the Mind Co works with innovative companies who are socially responsible and promote community but still find it hard to inspire unproductive team members who are stressed, risk-adverse or burnt out or who are simply just not aligned to the company vision or core values.

Our high impact workshops teach your staff the real world skill along with a tangible action plan to be a part of a much more dynamic, connected and productive unit working happily towards a shared vision.

This is done face to face or online. 

Available Programs

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Benefits: Increased Productivity, Greater Retention – Lower Turnover Rate, Enhanced Team Connection, Happier Team & Work Environment

  • 2 Half Day or 1 Full Day In-Person Workshops, dynamic and interactive
  • Understanding fear and anxiety
  • Skills to release and overcome fear and anxiety
  • Intention, understand the underlying reason behind actions.
  • Mindfulness, meditation and daily integration
  • Positive perspective on life’s challenges for better resilience and compassion.
  • Forgiveness to be free of anger and resentment of the past
  • Gratitude for positive mood creation,
  • Breathing exercises for inner peace to calm mind
  • Interconnectivity, awareness of connected environment
  • Vision for career, workplace environment personal life, & a better world
  • Action plan to implement vision for work place and world or community aligned.
Benefits: Clarity & Focus, Increased Team Cohesiveness & Productivity, Alignment To Company Values

  • In-Person Workshop, dynamic and interactive
  • Set the foundation for a happy and meaningful life
  • Core Values, know, define & strengthen personal and company values
  • Understand Intention, the power behind actions
  • Integrity, defined. How do we act or behave from a place that is authentic and true to ourselves and company ethos.
  • Vision and Action Plan alignment to Values
  • Women Workshop Series

Do something today that your future self will thank you for. Invest in your own emotional wellbeing. From realizing who you are and confirming your core values to sewing the tapestry of your life. 

Make this the gift to yourself.

  • Who are you in your world? Assessing, understanding and owning your identity.
  • Is fear and anxiety your constant companion? Accessing, understand and releasing your anxiety and fear.
  • Living life with intention? Are you living the life you love? Affirmations, how to use life challenges to your own advantage, and the power of gratitude. 
  • Is abundance an issue in your life? Scarcity or abundance? How do you make the shift? Obtain the real- life skills to create an abundant life filled with success. 
  • What is the power of ‘We are’ and how does connection serve you? How are you making your life and the world a better place? The power and meaning of being part of a whole. 
  • Tapestry of life. Positive energy and direction. Perception and choices. What do you want your life to be and how to get there! Create the life you truly love to wake up to each day!
  • In addition you can join the Vision Board Workshop

Share The Impact

“I would highly recommend Freeing Freddie the Dream Weaver to all those who hope to overcome their fears and realize their dreams.”

Bruno Broll-Barone PH.D | Clinical Psychologist

“The greatest takeaways from the workshop for me was learning how to relax and be calm in a stressful situation.”

LAPD | 30 yrs

“I have learnt how to better relate to my family and coworkers. This is a huge help in my life moving forward both personally and professionally.”

Truist Bank


“Thank you for making me conscious about my fears and how this actually influences the way I live each day.”

IQ Business | Staff Member

“I have read the book and completed the tasks in the workbook and it has been really amazing. This should really change a lot about how I face my day on a daily basis.”

Mr M.Mthembu | Medicine – WITS

“I learned and experienced how to actually close my eyes, breath and relax and let go and dream! I wish I had experienced this workshop a long time ago!”

Efrain | LAPD

Cutting-edge ideas meet real-world skills

Kim and Brent’s fantastic work has been featured in many thought-leading publications and media channels from around the globe.

“Everything you need to learn and achieve is all already within you.”


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Instantly access our free videos designed to assist you in bringing about greater levels of energy, joy and inner peace.

Access our FREE visualizations & webinars

Instantly access our free videos designed to assist you in bringing about greater levels of energy, joy and inner peace.