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Our Approach

Free the Mind Co uses a dynamic and engaging holistic approach to teaching practical skills to apply to daily living. We provide tools to parents and teachers for not only the development of their children and students but also to actualize their own potential.

The books and lessons teach greater self awareness and an understanding of how to manage emotions as well as how to relate and communicate with others with compassion, empathy and positivity in the classroom, school environment and home.

Mission Statement

Free the Mind co. Aims to create greater possibilities by getting children, families and teachers to realize inner potential and have mastery over their thoughts and emotions. Medium: E-learning – digital programs, stories/books, activities, guided meditation As a society we are realizing the importance of developing emotional intelligence, compassion and empathy. Where previously the focus has been on intellect and acquiring knowledge.

What problem are we addressing?

People and children are not coping well in their lives, are very stressed and unaware of how to create a beautiful way of being. Our society is disconnected, people from each other, people from their own thoughts, emotions and from nature, our environment.

What makes us unique:
We give tools that transform mind-set, thoughts and emotions on a deeper level than comparative programs. We have engaging avatars and an interactive learning platform.

What’s our impact?

We create system change by helping individual learners enhance their thoughts and emotions. A change in the way we think and feel changes the way we behave. With a focus on improving social interactions and community our programs can have a large sustained systemic effect. Helping children and people to have vision that benefits themselves, others and the environment leads to an improved society. Empowered with a vision, emotional intelligence and social awareness we help develop children and adults that value making a positive impact and are more likely to gear their lives towards living in harmony.

Whats the future vision?

Impacted millions to lead lives where they feel happy and fulfilled. Have a generation of learners that have high EQ and self and social awareness that create ongoing positive impact on their communities and surroundings.

What We Do Works

Being curious takes you on a magical journey to knowing yourself, participating more and enjoying life more. Free the Mind Co uses a dynamic, easy and flexible curriculum. Our training enlivens and engages teachers and parents to be more and give more to their students and children. Burnt out and low self-motivation has become a norm for far too many in our world today, which filters through creating trauma, fear and anxiety across generations. 

Using Brent’s best selling books, our curriculum is fun and exciting to use leaving teachers and parents feeling nurtured and excited with new skills and an action plan to build a more connected school, classroom and a happy home which can better support students emotional needs overall. 

Youth, teachers & parents working with us and being impacted through our books and programs

Available Programs

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As a school principle are you noticing your teachers are overwhelmed, burnt-out, fragile and in need of care, support, skills and tools to cope with a teaching world that no one recognizes?

Free the Mind Co and Kim Normand Dobrin offer webinars to work directly with your teaching team.

Find out more on how our books, curriculum and materials can be used by your school or in your home.

Teaming up to Create Health, Happy, Supportive Learning Environments

Free the Mind Co uses “Freeing Freddie the Dream Weaver” as a base for the first part of our curriculum. It is easy, flexible and friendly to use with dynamic, immediate results. Using likable characters, children relate and engage intimately with these wise and friendly characters who represent each of us.

Key features and benefits for teachers, schools, students and parents:

  • Understanding, developing, creating self awareness, consciousness and connection
  • Learning, understanding and managing emotions
  • Skills to release and overcome fear and anxiety and working with other emotions
  • Social awareness – living in alignment with personal and school values
  • Mindfulness, understanding and delivering meditation/visualization and daily integration
  • Realizing impact and ripple effects
  • Developing positive perspective on life’s learning how to use challenges for better resilience and compassion
  • Conscious understanding of relationship skills, communication with forgiveness and gratitude and supporting others
  • Breathing exercises for inner peace to calm the mind
  • Interconnectivity, awareness of connected environment and embracing differences
  • Vision for career/personal life and a better world
  • Tools and skills to understand and develop self discipline, motivation, organizational skills and goal setting through positive communication, team work, engagement and relationships

Delve deeper into the aspect of intention conveyed in “Freeing Freddie the Dreamweaver” book set.

Outcomes: Increase school leader, teacher and student self-awareness and accountability; build skills with real tools for Social Emotional Wellness and Learning for both teachers and students.

  • Set the foundation for a happy and meaningful life
  • Core Values, know and define personal and company values
  • Understand Intention 
  • Integrity, defined. How do we act or behave from a place that is authentic and true to ourselves and company ethos.
  • Vision and Action Plan alignment to Values

Sharing the Impact

“This is a powerful children’s book series that affected my perspective of myself and how I can bring about this positive affect to my children.”

AIS Teacher | Horizons Atlanta International School

“I would DEFINITELY recommend this Teacher training !!. It reminds all of us to be compassionate/ to remind us that we are all humans and that we should respect the different struggles that we all might go through.”

AIS Teacher | Horizons Atlanta International Schoolis aseries

” Using the Freddie books and curriculum, I am now fully aware of how important my dreams are and how important it is to me to make them come true. It won’t always be easy, that what Freeing Freddie has thought me, that no matter how hard it gets I just have to keep going strong because thats when obstacles get us to be motivated.”

Bontle Nyakale – Grade 8

“Freeing Freddie the Dream Weaver inspires me daily to keep dreaming. My choices now reflect my hopes not my fears.”

Mandi Banele – Grade 6

Access our online Social Emotional Learning & Wellbeing program for schools!

Our ‘Freeing Freddie’ online school program helps students realize their inner potential, build self-esteem, understand their thoughts and emotions, and develop healthy and strong relationships.

Addressing SDGs 1,3,4 (sustainable development goals)

World-leading education

Kim and Brent’s fantastic work has been featured in many thought-leading publications and media channels from around the globe.

“Everything you need to learn and achieve is all already within you.”


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Instantly access our free videos designed to assist you in bringing about greater levels of energy, joy and inner peace.

Access our FREE visualizations & webinars

Instantly access our free videos designed to assist you in bringing about greater levels of energy, joy and inner peace.